2 videos in exhibition Shanghai

2 videos which I have made are in the One Minutes Exhibition in Shanghai China. It is curated by the Sandberg Institute.

With the exhibition, The One Minutes focuses on the perception and understanding of the moving image. The exhibition celebrates The One Minutes 15 years anniversary and consists of 11 screens showing over 300 one minute videos and documentation.
The exhibition will take place on the top floor of the 41,200 sq. m building of Power Station of Art. It is the first state-owned museum on the mainland dedicated to contemporary art.
The exhibition has been documented with a printed catalogue.


Participating artists: Hans Aarsman, Amir Admoni, Amado Alfadni, Joao Angellini, Erika Arzt and Juan Linares, Arnar…

Geplaatst door The One Minutes op dinsdag 3 juni 2014

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