Artist statement

I paint geometric forms which construct a complex composition. The goal is to put the forms in a tensed relation to each other. The painting is in suspense, it looks like there is something going to happen. The painting is build up in forms on top of or next to each other. Each new form needs to have an exciting relation with the existing forms. Important in the painting is variation, I try to have a lot of elements with a contrasting form in the painting. The suggestion of movement is something I like to achieve in my paintings. The relation of movements and forms in contrast to each other is also inspired by counterpoint in music. In music this means that there are two musical layers when played at the same time can be heart distinctively. I am also composing with pure colours. I am balancing the surface amount of each colour in relation to other colours. I try to get a tensed composition by playing with the amount of colour surfaces. A playful element in my painting is also welcome, so also spontaneous painted parts will appear.The paintings are usually build up in layers with many additions in where the original painting disappears under the layers of additions. I am inspired by painters like Malevich, Kandinsky and Klee. The geometric forms have a kind of personality like they are creatures and react to each other. Subconscious I seem to give the paintings a cosmic mystical feeling.