artist studioCoen Janssen studied communication in Eindhoven, studied art at the AKI / ArtEZ Academy in Enschede(NL) and the University of Cuenca (SP). After his studies he moved to Rotterdam (NL).

In his videos and paintings he builds complex structures in space and time. Maybe you can call him a painter’s painter, interested in experimenting with colour, form, structure and composition.
He is looking for complex images. The properties of the medium, and chance influence the final result. To find something in between painting and video he started to work on analog handmade film at the Filmwerkplaats Rotterdam (NL).
His art is shown in national and international exhibitions and festivals, among others in Düsseldorf, Osnabruck, Muenster, Reykjavik, Shanghai, Nanjing, Ghent, Brussels, Maastricht, Utrecht, Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Besides his work as an artist, he studies philosophy at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam.