My inspiration comes from computer- algoritms and generative art. I am inspired by the material of paint. The best painters Renee Daniels, Philiph Guston and William Turner.
Writings of Borges. I like to bring banalaty in painting and chalenge good taste in a subtle way. My goal is to see beauty in banal and ugly things and colours.
I like to create something with minimum means and minimim image.
I think that composing music inspired me a lot in thinking about abstract art. It inspires me for looking for fundamentals in the minimum and geometric forms.
I am also inspired by Zen and psychology texts. The idea of nothingness is interesting especialy in my noisevideos and also in soundcomposition with filterings. Texturing with filters in video is a way in which I chalenge the cleaness of video.
Also living and working in the moment and improvising is important. Especially in drawings I try to draw very honest what is on my mind. Also in modeldrawing I try to be honest. Drawing from imagination is psychilogical interesting. I like to set open the window in my mind and let stream al my thougths on paper, and the drawings create new images and thoughts in my mind which I bring on paper. This should be done very honest.

I am fascinated by some objects. I like strange looking toys, and objects with interesting and mathemetic forms. I like to paint them from memory.

My interest in colour lays in grays, chalcky pastels, dirty earth colours and advertisinglike hard bright colours. I like to paint the dirt and a reality you can put your hands on.

Other inspiration is the landscape. The landscape is so complex with all kind of structures that it always fascinates me. The landscape is honest and not composed. It has its rubble and randomness from reality.

The taking of a space interests me. How to make a space different? How to take over a space. I am interested in philosophy, in here and now phenomelogy but also in the grammar of Kant.
Some works of Duchamp are very inspiring and also John Cage. I like rhytmical music.

Openmindedness and humor or irony are important values for my art.