World record nude painting

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World Record Painting

What is the story behind my painting: World Record, which depicts a mass of nude female bodies in a big studio space? I was making several paintings of nudes and small groups of nudes which were inspired by drawings I made in figure drawing class. I also had painted some abstract paintings with a lot of patterns and structures. I wanted to combine the idea of the nude and the abstract painting. To do that I needed an image of nudes that was about structures. That reminded me of the film Perfume, in the end- scene of this film we see a huge orgy in which all the residence of the city are taking part. I also read the book, but the physicality of the film is impressive compared to the idea in the book. There where shots in bird perspective of this orgy, with all the nude bodies entangled. This scene inspired me to think about bodies in structures, so you have a more abstract view about bodies. I was also thinking about Cecily Brown who also painted groups of nudes as paint structures.

Later I was looking for images of massive groups of nude people. I found images of a big gathering of nude women in a kind of sporting facility. When I researched this, I discovered it was a photo from the world record orgy in Japan. In this photo, you see 500 women who just were undressed waiting next to their matrass for their man to come. It also made me wonder about the place of sexuality in Japanese society, because they were able to activate such a huge group of people.